found cat, Hampden Village neighborhood off Roberta Rd.

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About found cat, Hampden Village neighborhood off Roberta Rd.

Black, gray, tan tabby cat, female. Very sweet and
friendly. We found her wandering around the neighborhood and trying to get
into a trash bag we set outside our door. I started feeding her, seeing that
she was hungry, last week and she has been coming back ever since. She
desperately wants to come in our house, leading me to believe she is or was
someone's pet. She is very loving towards my 3 year old daughter. She must
have had a family with dogs as well because she is not afraid of our dogs at
all. We have been giving her food and shelter in our garage to keep her out
of the cold. We can't keep her inside, as we already have a cat and two
dogs. If she belongs to someone, I would like to give her back. If yours contact
Nov 15