Denick (D6867)

About Denick (D6867)

Denick is a young tan and white Lab mix weighing 41 pounds, the brother of Arundina.

Lily (D6852)

About Lily (D6852)

Lily is a pretty Boxer mix weighing 38 pounds. She is already housetrained but surrendered by her owner when he had to move and couldnt take her along.

Lincoln (D6849)

About Lincoln (D6849)

Lincoln is a Beautiful, sweet, sweet Border Collie, Lab mix, weighing 45 pounds.

Lincoln recently went to an off-site event at Pet Smart in Afton Ridge (Concord, NC). Lincoln settled in nicely at the event. He did exceptionally well with all of the excitement of all of the people and dogs at the event. Lincolns Border Collie nature [herding], showed thru when it came to the cats. Lincoln was ok with them as long as they didn't try to run.

Sydney (D6679)

About Sydney (D6679)

Sydney is a Beautiful Boxer mix puppy. She has plenty of energy for an active individual, couple or family.

Iris (D6836)

About Iris (D6836)

Iris is a Beautiful, 1 yr old, sweet, sweet girl with lots of spunk and personality. Her ears stand-up. This young girl weighs 49 pounds and is fully grown.

Arashi (DR1705)

About Arashi (DR1705)

Arashi is an awesome, awesome dog. Arashi weighs 46 lbs. and every ounce of that is full of love of everyone and everything!!!

Mel Gibson (D6805)

About Mel Gibson (D6805)

Mel Gibson is a nice looking Aussie Shepherd mix weighing 56 pounds.

Mel Gibson does have heartworms but the Humane Society will take care of the treatment at no cost to his adopter.

Ernest (D6740)

About Ernest (D6740)

Ernest is a really cool coonhound mix. He is very sweet and playful. He would do best in a home without really small children. He is heartworm positive but the Humane Society is treating him for that.

Ernest is ready for his forever home and wants to be able to run and play.

Ernest can be seen at Ruth's Memorial Shelter.

Orson Wells (D6701)

About Orson Wells (D6701)

Orson Wells is a handsome, chunky beagle mix of some kind. He is a sweet boy who can be a little selective of his friends but does love to go on long walks and be with his people. He can be seen at Ruth's Memorial Shelter.

Calista (D6773)

About Calista (D6773)

Calista is a beautiful, sweet, sweet Beagle mix. Calista was surrendered when her person moved to a place that did not allow dogs. She weighs 27 pounds.