Luther (D6919)

About Luther (D6919)

Luther is a handsome perhaps Shepherd mix that was picked up as a stray.


About Finn

Finn is an owner surrender who is a year and half old, microchipped and neutered and ready to find his forever home. This handsome man loves children, enjoys chewing bones/rawhides, lives to go on walks, enjoys other pets and car rides.

Brice D6936)

About Brice D6936)

Brice is a nice looking and happy Hound mix, weighing 40 pounds.

Denick (D6867)

About Denick (D6867)

Denick is a young tan and white Lab mix weighing 41 pounds, the brother of Arundina.

Roxanne (D6828)

About Roxanne (D6828)

Roxanne is a sweet Rottie/Cattle Dog mix who has lived a rough life on her own and finally made it to the shelter, where she is available for her forever home. She weighs 60 pounds.

Roxanne has a beautiful coat that almost looks like she is wearing a black suede jacket

Bogie (DR1704)

About Bogie (DR1704)

Bogie is a sweet lemon and white beagle who is looking for his forever home. Bogey is an active beagle and, true to his breed, loves to be outside an sniffing the air for his next adventure. Bogey is a great little loving dog; however, he would be better suited in a home where there are no small children. Bogey gets along well with other dogs and loves playing. Please visit him at our Ruth's Memorial Shelter.

Arashi (DR1705)

About Arashi (DR1705)

Arashi is an awesome, awesome dog. Arashi weighs 46 lbs. and every ounce of that is full of love of everyone and everything!!!

Orson Wells (D6701)

About Orson Wells (D6701)

Orson Wells is a handsome, chunky beagle mix of some kind. He is a sweet boy who can be a little selective of his friends but does love to go on long walks and be with his people. He can be seen at Ruth's Memorial Shelter.

Miranda Lambert (D6739)

About Miranda Lambert (D6739)

Miranda Lambert is a hound mix weighing 39 pounds. Miranda Lambert is a sweet, sweet girl and can sing like a bird!

Miranda Lambert has been treated for heartworms, so she should have no further complications.

lost small dog, Southern Hill Mobile Home Park (Fairbluff)

About lost small dog, Southern Hill Mobile Home Park (Fairbluff)

She no longer has a braid as I cut her hair recently so the top and front is short. She has a purple collar and is BY NO MEANS and out side dog. She loves to jump like she is on a trampoline....Please please please let me know if you have seen her of heard of someone who found her. My children and I are beside ourselves imaging her outside to fend for herself.

Aug 25