About Callyope

Callyope is a beautiful little lab/pit mix. Callyope is a sweet, sweet little girl that just came out of ISO, so she is ready to show someone some love!!!!!

Doran (DR1536)

About Doran (DR1536)

Doran is an awesome little Rat Terrier that just wants to be held. He is an awesome little guy!!

Renaldo (D6565)

About Renaldo (D6565)

Renaldo is a handsome Lab / Golden Retriever mix weighing 53 pounds. He is a sweet, sweet boy and loves to play with all of his new friends here at Ruth's Memorial Shelter.

Renaldo: Firstborn of Jacob's 12 sons.

You can meet / adopt Renaldo at our:
Ruth's Memorial Shelter
2010 Wilshire Ct., SW
Concord, NC 28025

(704) 784-PETS (7387) - Option "0"

Rigel (D6564)

About Rigel (D6564)

Rigel is a beautiful, very sweet Lab / Golden Ret mix weighing 41 pounds. She loves to play with her brother Renaldo and all of her new friends here at Ruth's Memorial Shelter.

RIGEL: Rigel is a blue star of the first magnitude that marks the hunter's left foot in the Orion constellation.

You can meet / adopt Rigel at our:
Ruth's Memorial Shelter
2010 Wilshire Ct., SW
Concord, NC 28025

(704) 784-PETS (7387) - Option "0"

Deacon (D6574)

About Deacon (D6574)

Deacon is a sweet, sweet beagle basset mix with the nicest personality you could ever imagine. He loves to follow us around the shelter, not bothering anyone, checking out the other dogs, sniffing all the wonderful new things to behold and loving life. He does not particularly enjoy being kenneled because he loves to be with people. If you are looking for a companion dog that will stay by your side, please come to Ruth's Memorial Shelter and visit with Deacon. You will not be sorry... He is definitely a keeper.

Mr. Bob (D6567)

About Mr. Bob (D6567)

Mr. Bob is a handsome older Pekingese, looks like he is purebred. At 15 pounds he will make a great lapdog.

Adalie (D6551)

About Adalie (D6551)

Adalie is a cute half-grown Boxer mix puppy weighing 32 pounds. She is one of 3 Boxer mix pups found by the side of a road.

Madeline (D6558)

About Madeline (D6558)

Madeline is a Beautiful little Yorkie. This little baby weighs only 5 pounds and badly needs a new home.

Victor (D5324)

About Victor (D5324)

Victor is an awesome dog. He has been with us for a good while. Why you ask! Well actually, that is a very good question!!! He has a lot of energy and he needs to be able to get out and run and play. So if you are looking for a dog that can be active with your family, Victor is the dog for you!!!

Oklahoma Pete (D6531)

About Oklahoma Pete (D6531)

Oklahoma Pete is a sweet, sweet Sr. Schnauzer. He has never soiled his kennel and he walks great on a leash. He very much loves to snuggle.