6 Chocolate Lab Puppies

About 6 Chocolate Lab Puppies

Come out to Ruth's to see six(6) of the cutest Chocolate Lab puppies you will ever see. These little guys are the sweetest little fellows you'll ever meet.

Emma (D5663)

About Emma (D5663)

Emma is a beautiful, sweet girl. She's loves to snuggle with her people. Emma never meets a stranger, she likes kids. Emma is a real love bug.

Emma would be best in an environment where she can be the only pet.

Emma has been trained by our trainer, K9 Capers. The owner, Donna Rogers has graciously offered to give the adopter of Emma a free transfer lesson, so Emma will be a better fit.

Rhonda (DR1578)

About Rhonda (DR1578)

Rhonda is a precious little boxer mix who is one from a litter of 5 babies that found their way into our shelter.

Rhonda and her siblings are currently at Ruth's and are learning to become great family pet.

Rhonda will be a medium dog when full grown and will be a fun, frolicky pet to have as a family member.

If you are interested in meeting this sweet little girl, please stop by our Ruth's Memorial Shelter, at 2010 Wilshire Ct., SW, Concord, NC 28025

Damian (D6657)

About Damian (D6657)

Damian is a handsome Chihuahua, weighing only 9 pounds.

Damian loves all of his new friends here at Ruth's Memorial Shelter and would make a great addition to almost any family.

Damian loves giving kisses!!!

Landry (D6638)

About Landry (D6638)

Landry is a beautiful, very sweet Golden Ret / Lab mix, weighing 27 pounds. She loves all of her new friends here at Ruth's Memorial Shelter.

Landry came to us with her brother Lawson.

Lawson (D6637)

About Lawson (D6637)

Lawson is a handsome Golden Retriever / Lab mix weighing 33 pounds. Lawson arrived at the shelter with his sister Landry.

Lawson loves all of his new friends here at Ruth's Memorial Shelter.

Ally Dale (D6593)

About Ally Dale (D6593)

Ally Dale is a beautiful hound mix, weighing 17 pounds and probably more than half grown.

Ally Dale is housetrained. She was surrendered because her previous owner's could no longer keep her, because they had to move into a new home.

Lynette (D6598)

About Lynette (D6598)

Lynette is a beautiful black mix of maybe Aussie and Collie. Lynette was surrendered when her owner was deployed by the military

Lynette is said to be housetrained by her previous owner

Victor (D5324)

About Victor (D5324)

Victor is an awesome dog. He has been with us for a good while. Why you ask! Well actually, that is a very good question!!! He has a lot of energy and he needs to be able to get out and run and play. So if you are looking for a dog that can be active with your family, Victor is the dog for you!!!

Red Cloud (DR1273)

About Red Cloud (DR1273)

Red Cloud is the sweetest little hound/beagle mix you'll ever see. Red Cloud simply wants to crawl up in your lap and lick your face. He loves to give and receive love.

Red Cloud walks great on a leash and loves everyone and everything!! Red Cloud has no aggressions (food, toy, etc.)

See Red Cloud's 15 seconds of fame: