Quinn (D6548)

About Quinn (D6548)

Quinn is a gorgeous little long-haired Chihuahua, weighing just 10 pounds. He will make a great lap dog, and will make your friends jealous. He loves to pose for the camera, guess he knows how handsome he is.

Marvin (D6557)

About Marvin (D6557)

Marvin is a cute and sweet little Chihuahua. This great little boy weighs only 7 pounds.

Sally (D6563)

About Sally (D6563)

Sally is a sweet CockaPoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle cross).

Sally was not found as a stray but was surrendered along with a German Shepherd by someone who said she could no longer keep them. The good news is that once this girl is groomed her lucky owner will have a beautiful dog. Sally weighs 21 pounds under all those mats.

Victor (D5324)

About Victor (D5324)

Victor is an awesome dog. He has been with us for a good while. Why you ask! Well actually, that is a very good question!!! He has a lot of energy and he needs to be able to get out and run and play. So if you are looking for a dog that can be active with your family, Victor is the dog for you!!!

Lilly Bell (DR1448) & Tatum (DR1449)

About Lilly Bell (DR1448) & Tatum (DR1449)

Lilly Bell & Tatum are the sweetest, cutest little Rat Terriers you'd ever want to meet.


About Gillette

Gillette is a mix of maybe Aussie Shepherd and something else, weighing 42 pounds.

Sabre (D6522)

About Sabre (D6522)

Sabre is a cute young guy, mostly grown at 30 pounds, maybe some kind of Pointer mix.

Gillian (D6450)

About Gillian (D6450)

Gillian is a beautiful, sweet, sweet little girl. She is "Body Wagger"...her entire body wags when she tries to wag her tail.

You can meet / adopt Gillian at our
Ruth’s Memorial Shelter
2010 Wilshire Ct., SW
Concord, NC 28025

or by sending an email to:

(704)784-PETS (7387) - press Option "0"

Droopy (D6517)

About Droopy (D6517)

Droopy is a nice looking middle-aged Beagle, weighing 23 pounds.

Hobbs (D6505)

About Hobbs (D6505)

Hobbs is a gorgeous Sheltie, maybe purebred, weighing 28 pounds.